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Colossians, Chapter Two, Lesson One

LOVING THE FLOCK            Page 4
V. 2 (cont'd.)

** Thirdly, to where does all of this divine insight lead us?

c) To "...a true knowledge of God's mystery, that is, Christ Himself..."
Remember 2Peter 3:18!

** What would be considered a "false" knowledge of Christ?

Any view of Him which is contrary to Scripture or rejects Him for who He is. That was at the very center of the heresy in the Lycus valley - denying the deity of Jesus Christ. People and fallen angels have done this repeatedly throughout the history of mankind. cf. Acts 19:13-16

V. 3 ** Alright then, Paul is "Loving the Flock" by:

1) Struggling for their continued walk of faith.
2) By walking them through what they share in Christ.

**Here in verse three, how does he further describe our resources, which are available to us through faith in Jesus Christ?

"...in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge..."

** Who, in Paul's day - there in Colossae, would have been especially challenged by that phrase?

The Gnostics - They believed that they had the secret knowledge, and that they were above those who simply accepted the gospel truth regarding Jesus Christ. They would even try to make Christians feel defrauded of their eternal hopes by acting spiritually superior based upon their higher knowledge. cf. Colossians 2:18

While Gnosticism was probably not a formal force in Colossae, there was enough of its influence in the region that Paul wants to establish the only true source for wisdom and knowledge, which is Jesus Christ Himself.

V. 4 ** What is Paul trying to prevent by writing these very compelling statements about our Lord?

He wants to stop heretical influence from deluding the Colossians' solid faith in God through Christ by the means of "persuasive argument".

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