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Colossians, Chapter One, Lesson Six

V.24 (cont'd.)

** Beginning with the first one, for Paul and every Christian, what is the source of the ministry?

1. Source - Even before we can get into our passage, Paul has answered that question in the previous verse from our study last week. At the end of verse 23 he says, "I, Paul, was made a minister (diakonos)." He will say it again in verse 25 of our passage for today.
cf. Acts 26:15-16

** Well, that explains Paul, but what about the rest of us believers?

Our ability to become servants comes from the very same source.
cf. 2Thessalonians 2:13-14, Ephesians 1:4, 2:10

V.24 ** 2. Spirit - As we get into verse 24, understanding that Christ is the source of our ministry, how far do we have to go to learn the spirit with which we are to minister in His name?

Just three words! No matter what our circumstances, we are to minister with joy. Paul was able to say "I rejoice" while writing this epistle from prison!

** Can you think of any other time that Paul expressed his passion for rejoicing in ministry?

Yes, in writing to the Philippians - V.1:18, 3:1, 4:4

** Do you let the challenges of your daily life rob you of the joy of using your spiritual gift for the benefit of your brothers and sisters in Christ?

Paul would have us learn from his example to rejoice . . . again he says rejoice!

** 3. Suffering - We have seen the source of ministry and the spirit with which we are to serve, now what does it mean when the Bible talks about the suffering of the ministry?

It is going to cost us! cf. 2Timothy 1:8, 2:3, 3:12, 4:5, 1Peter 2:21 and Philippians 2:17

** For whose sake was Paul suffering? (verse 24)

The Colossians (and us by default)!

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