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Colossians, Chapter One, Lesson Five

HOLY AND BLAMELESS            Page 5
V.23 (cont'd.)

** By the time of this writing to the Colossians, how much of the world had heard the gospel?

All of it! Paul was writing from his Roman prison and the gospel had been proclaimed throughout the then known world. cf. V.6 with Matthew 28:19, Revelation 14:6-7

** Finally - How does Paul relate to this wonderful saving gospel of Christ?

He knew that he had been "made a minister" of the gospel, for which he would willingly give his life. cf. Romans 1:16 and 2Timothy 1:8


** What have we seen in today's passage regarding the Deity of Christ?

"...it was the Father's good pleasure for all the fulness to dwell in [Christ]..."

** As fully God incarnate, how did Christ improve our relationship to the Father?

He reconciled us to Him, through the blood of His cross!


** What was our state-of-mind prior to God's gracious reconciliation?

We were: 1) alienated, 2) hostile, 3) engaged in evil deeds

** What is the desire of Christ for our lives, now that He has restored us to the Father through faith?

That we be "Holy and Blameless" in all that we do.


** What things could I remove from my life, or what should I be adding to my life, as I pursue the goal of living "Holy and Blameless" for Jesus Christ?

Of course, onyl you can answer that question as you prayerfully go before the Lord.


** Please make time this week to speak with your Lord about the proper response to what we have learned in this passage. May we go through each day of our lives together, as a people chosen by God to live "Holy and Blameless", above reproach for His glory.

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