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Colossians, Chapter One, Lesson Four

IN HIS KINGDOM            Page 6
V.18 (Cont'd.)

** Before he closes out our passage, Paul once again returns to the preeminence of Christ with three rapid fire statements supporting that truth. What are they?

1) He is the beginning cf. V.17
2) He is the first-born from the dead cf. 2Timothy 1:10
3) He has come to have first place in everything. cf. Philippians 2:9-10

** What does all of this mean to us?

If we are living "In His Kingdom" and we belong to Him, we should put Him first in everything that our worship of Christ as God would be worthy of who He truly is in all of His glory.


** Ok, where do we live?

"In His Kingdom"

** And to Whom do we belong?

Jesus Christ...

1) Redeemer 2) God 3) Highest Rank 4) Creator 5) Sustainer 6) Administrator


** Of which of these roles or characteristics of Christ were you least familiar?

For myself, I have a tendency to forget that Jesus Christ is there to sustain me through my day.


** As each new day dawns upon us, how will meditating on this list help us in our desire to worship Jesus Christ, the greatest gift of all?

By focusing on what we have learned, He will get our hearts attention to the degree that honors Him most.


** Let's thank Him for allowing us to live "In His Kingdom" and for the joy we experience because we truly do belong to Him.

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