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Colossians, Chapter One, Lesson Four

IN HIS KINGDOM           Page 4

To help us better appreciate those two powerful truths, let's look at the remaining five verses of our passage.

V.14 ** Paul now continues by describing God's Son from six different perspectives. What is the first characteristic of Christ found here in verse 14?

1) He is our redeemer!

** What does it mean to redeem someone or something?

It means to pay for or buy back - apolutrosis lit. "to release on payment of ransom", this was the common term used when describing someone paying for a slave's freedom.
cf. John 8:34-36, Ephesians 1:7

** According to verse 14, what did our redemption buy for us?

"...the forgiveness of sins." That amazing reality should never cease to overwhelm our hearts.
We have been forgiven!

V.15 ** What is the next characteristic of Christ listed for us in verse 15?

2) "...He is the image of the invisible God..."

** That sounds very important, can someone tell us what it means?

Jesus Christ is God! This is the most significant message of Paul's letter to the Colossians!
cf. Colossians 2:3, 2:9, Matthew 28:18, John 1:1-4 and 14,
Philippians 2:6, Titus 2:13, 2Peter 1:1

** Still here in verse 15, what is the third characteristic of Christ listed by Paul?

3) He is "...the first born of all creation."

** Does that mean He was "created" first?

No - He wasn't created! Remember Philippians 2:6

** Then, what does it mean?

Jesus Christ is first in importance, preeminence, highest rank - over all of creation!
We will continue to see this important characteristic of Christ throughout this passage.

V.16 ** What is fourth on our list?

4) He is the Creator! Remember John 1:3 cf. Hebrews 1:2

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