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Colossians, Chapter One, Lesson Three

PLEASING THE LORD           Page 4
V.10 (cont'd.)

** For the Christian, what goes hand-in-hand with "bearing fruit in every good work"?

"...and increasing in the knowledge of God..."

As we live out our lives in obedience to God and His word, we will do those things that bear His fruit and bring Him glory. At the same time, we will gain a greater understanding of Who our God is and what makes up His characteristics. cf. Philippians 3:9-10, Job 1:1, Job 42:5-6

V.11 ** So far we have seen a very circumspect lifestyle called for by the apostle. According to verse eleven, what is the fifth thing for which Paul prays that makes that lifestyle possible?

5) That the Colossians might be "strengthened will all power".

** Is that our own power, increased by doing spiritual push-ups?

Absolutely not! It is power received from God "according to His glorious might".
cf. Ephesians 1:18-19, 6:10, Philippians 4:13, 2Timothy 2:1

** With all of that supernatural strength on our side, what is the next thing on Paul's prayer list?

6) "...for the attaining of all steadfastness and patience..." This is a wonderful thing for us to ask the Lord to give to our fellow saints. The joy that comes from a consistently obedient lifestyle goes without equal in this world. cf. Ephesians 6:11 and 13, 2Peter 1:5-8, 1Corinthians 10:13

V.12 ** Paul has been praying for some marvelous things to be made manifest in the life of the Colossians. Here in verse twelve, what is the seventh thing for which he prays?

7) That they would become individuals who are "joyously giving thanks to the Father".

Just as a footnote, we give that thanks to the Father through Christ (Colossians 3:17).
cf. Ephesians 5:20, 1Thessalonians 5:18

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