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Colossians, Chapter One, Lesson Three

PLEASING THE LORD           Page 3
V. 9 (cont'd.)

Let's take a look at the heart of Paul's prayer as we try to glean from it the kinds of things for which we should be praying. Paul is preoccupied with the quality of the Colossians' spiritual life and as such prays for seven distinct things.

** What is first on his list?

1) That they may be filled with the knowledge of His will.

Where does that begin for a Christian? Proverbs 1:7, 9:10, Psalm 111:10

So being "filled with the knowledge of His will" is only possible through a true saving relationship with God in Christ Jesus. As we develop a reverence for God and are subject to His Word, we gain a clear insight to His will for our lives.

** What is second on his list?

2) That they live their lives "in all spiritual wisdom and understanding." Paul is speaking of the balanced, calm Christian life - even in the midst of trials. cf. James 1:5 and 3:13-17 with the end of Colossians 1:6

V.10 ** What is next on his prayer list?

3) That they "may walk in a manner worthy of the Lord". This is a common theme throughout the writing of Paul, and as such proves to be an important preoccupation for us as Christians.
cf. Ephesians 2:10, 4:1, Philippians 1:27, Colossians 2:6

** If we are praying in the same manner as Paul for our fellow Christians and they are responding with an obedient lifestyle, what is accomplished according to the middle of verse 10?

We are all trying "to please Him in all respects". cf. Psalm 37:23, 147:11 and Ephesians 5:10

** Let's continue our prayer list for today, what is the next thing for which we should pray?

4) For others to be "bearing fruit in every good work".
cf. John 15:16 with Titus 2:7, 14, 3:1, 8, 14

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