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Colossians, Chapter One, Lesson Three

PLEASING THE LORD           Page 2

Pleasing the Lord


V. 9 ** To what is Paul referring when he says, "for this reason also"?

He is still referring to the genuine manifestation of the Colossians' faith, especially through the "love in the Spirit". cf. V.3-8

** When did Paul and his companions begin praying for the faith of the Colossians?

"...since the day we heard of it..."

** Do you recall from last time how Paul heard about the genuine faith which belonged to the Colossians?

Epaphras had reported it to Paul. cf. V.8

** How regularly did Paul and his companions pray for the Colossians?

"...we have not ceased to pray..." Their love for the Colossians and desire for them to grow into Christlikeness, kept them continually on their hearts. cf. 1Thessalonians 5:16-17

** Before we go any further, let's establish the kind of man that Paul was, by the authority of God. How powerful was he?

"The signs of a true apostle were performed among you with all perseverance, by signs and wonders and miracles." cf. 2Corinthians 12:12

Paul was supernatural, he could do miraculous things as God directed his life to display the
glory of Christ and of His Word.

** Alright then, with that understanding, let's look at how Paul prayed. Knowing that he could do wondrous things in the name of Christ, did Paul tell God what to do for the Colossians or try to claim their victory in the "name of Christ"?

No - He was only willing "...to ask..." on their behalf! This humble posture in prayer keeps God on the Throne of Glory and us dependent upon His will for our lives.
cf. Philippians 4:6, Matthew 26:39, Mark 14:36 and John 6:38

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