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Colossians, Chapter One, Lesson Two

LEARNING TO SERVE            Page 6


** What do we have in common with all believers?

Biblically defined - "Hope", that is the absolute certainty of what will come to pass regarding our eternal security, because of the promise of God in Christ Jesus. (Hebrews 11:1)


** Knowing that we have this marvelous hope within us, who is going to cause it to grow as we share it with others?

God, Himself - Three ways:

1) Numerical increase
2) Trust and courage
3) Glory to God, alone


** If I am truly thankful for what God has accomplished on my behalf through "the word of truth, the gospel", what will I spend my life learning - for His sake?

I will be "Learning to Serve" the One that I call both Lord and Savior. Having given His all for me, I can do no less for Him.


** Does this seem like an unusual response to what we have learned together today? Or, is it an appropriate one which demands that we strive to live each day for our Lord? Hopefully, we will take the time to evaluate our hearts and make whatever changes are necessary so that we will be "Learning to Serve" Jesus Christ for the remainder of our days.

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