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Colossians, Chapter One, Lesson One

PRAYING ALWAYS            Page 6

V. 4 ** It is wonderful to see Paul and company praying for the victorious faith of the Colossians. But from where did they hear about the Colossians' faith in Christ?

From Epaphras! cf. V.8 We will look more at that next week.

** What does Paul mention in verse four that is inseparably linked to true saving faith?

"...the love which you have for all the saints..."

** Why is love for the saints so important as it regards faith in Christ?

It is the stamp of verification to our own hearts that we truly do belong to Christ! Our faith works itself out through love! cf. Galatians 5:6, John 13:34-35 and 1John 4:7-11, 20.


** If we are truly concerned for our fellow believers, for their spiritual growth, obedience and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, what will we be willing to do "always"?

Like the apostle Paul, we will find ourselves "Praying Always" for those of like precious faith.


** What examples have we seen today of this kind of godly concern?

Paul and his companions being preoccupied with prayer for the victorious faith of the Colossians.


** Would you ask yourself, "How do I feel about other believers? Am I concerned that their faith be grounded in the sound doctrine of our Lord Jesus Christ?"


** How can I best apply what we have learned today as I go about my week, day by day? Hopefully we have seen the need to be "Praying Always" for one another and are willing to do it!

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