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2Thessalonians, Chapter Three, Lesson Three



** What were the two elements of a “Christ Honoring Admonition”?

1) The role of a humble servant. We come along side of our sinful brother to help them back to a closer walk with the Lord.

2) We genuinely love these people. They are not the enemy, the enemy is sin!
cf. Romans 7:11-13

** If our brother continues in an unruly, undisciplined and sinful lifestyle, what four things were we to do or
not do in order to manifest the love of Christ to them?

1) Take special note of him.
2) Do not fellowship with him.
3) Do not regard him as an enemy.
4) Admonish (warn) him as a brother.


** We must count the cost, beloved. This kind of love is not natural, but supernatural. It is when we are
obedient ourselves to what Paul has been saying, that we can be certain that Christ is there with us in our
ministry. (Matthew 18:20)

Ask yourself - “Am I willing to approach a brother or sister with a loving admonition which could be used by the Lord for their growth and spiritual maturity into Christ-likeness?”

That is a pure expression of God’s love!


** Let’s close our time of study in 2Thessalonians with a prayer of commitment and dedication to all we have learned together.

Father, help us to be sensitive to your Spirit’s direction. Help us to be willing to speak the truth in love to our fellow saints, that we might be used by You for the edification of your body and the advancement of Your Kingdom here on earth. Keep us truly humble before Your majesty, always looking to ourselves, lest we too be tempted. May you be glorified by our “Christ Honoring Admonition”.

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