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2Thessalonians, Chapter Three, Lesson Three

V.14-15 (cont’d.)

** Back in 2Thessalonians 3:15, what is the second thing we are not to do?

2) “...do not regard him as an enemy...”

Here is the second element of “Christ Honoring Admonition” - we genuinely love these people. They are not the enemy, the enemy is sin! cf. Romans 7:11-13

So herein lies the balance, while hating their sin we love these individuals and want them to draw close to the Savior for their own good and God’s glory.

** OK - that’s a good start. Now, still here in these two verses, what are the two things we should do?

1) “...take special note of that man...” (V.14)

We are to mark them out! We must deal specifically with the sin problem, for the preservation of the entire body. cf. 1Timothy 5:20-21

2) “...admonish him as a brother.” (V.15)

This completes loves’ commitment to do whatever it takes to help a brother in need.
cf. Galatians 6:1

** What does it mean to admonish?

noutheteo - literally, to warn. In our case, to lovingly warn. You are saying in essence, “Look out, you are about to destroy yourself!”

** But, you say, that is not easy!

Correct! Again going back to our original question, “How can I show love?”, even though it is not easy or comfortable; love does it anyway and willingly does it faithfully!

** What kinds of responses might you expect to loving admonition in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ?

Rejection, unappreciation, hostility, violent aggression or possibly (if the Lord should so bless)
even repentance and thankfulness.

V.16 ** Paul has shown us and these Thessalonians how to love the brethren in one of the most challenging and purist forms. Only through “Christ Honoring Admonition” can we glorify God with this genuine display of His love. The apostle now closes his letter as he began it by praying for God’s peace to be bestowed upon his reader. What is the source of that peace according to verse 16?

“...the Lord of peace Himself...”

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