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2Thessalonians, Chapter Three, Lesson Three


Christ Honoring Admonition


V.11 ** Let’s begin here in verse eleven by delineating the problem which existed there in Thessalonica. What three things does Paul say is wrong?

1) undisciplined life
2) doing no work at all
3) acting like busybodies

** As we began our look at this problem last week, we noted how dangerous these bad examples can become, because of the principle found in 1Corinthians 15:33 (Do not be deceived:“Bad company corrupts good morals”). But what does Paul say here in verse eleven which points to the proximity of the problem?

These “unruly” individuals are “among you”. They are church goers, fellow Christians, or at least they are claiming to be!

** There is an amazing progression contained in these elements of the problem which existed in the Thessalonian church. Let’s look closer at what Paul is saying to gain the insight needed to avoid this error.

First - If our lifestyle is “undisciplined”, to what will that lead?

Doing no work at all! If we become lazy, like the sluggard we looked at last week who lacked the discipline and training of the Word of God, we will slide into a pattern of "doing no work at all”.

Second - If we do not fill our day with Christ honoring labor, what will we become?

We will start acting like “busybodies”, more concerned with the affairs of others than with the quality of our own walk with the Lord.

** This was a very dangerous problem there in the church and is one we must avoid as well. For a closer look, please turn with me to 1Timothy 5:9-16.

Who is Paul talking about? - Widows (indeed)
What is this list? - Those who qualify for full support from the church.
Why not young widows? - They can become busybodies!
Note: pledge translates pistis (faith)

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