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2Thessalonians, Chapter Three, Lesson Two

V.10 (cont’d.)

** Since Paul said that “if anyone will not work, neither let him eat”, what is the wisdom behind that command?

We are not to feed laziness or reward slothfulness. It will only lead to worse things. If we financially or emotionally support so-called Christians in their bad moral choices, we are helping them to ruin!


** The apostle has said much today regarding examples. Let’s pick out the ones he has portrayed
before us.

Bad examples:

1) unruly life (V.6)
2) doing no work (V.11)
3) acting like busybodies (V.11)

Good examples:

1) did not act in an undisciplined manner (V.7)
2) worked hard “night and day” (V.8)
3) was not a “burden” to others (V.8)
4) offer ourselves as a model (V.9)


** What responsibility did Paul give to the Thessalonians at the end of verse nine and us as well, if we wish to have a “Christ Honoring Fellowship”?

We are to “follow [their] example”!

** If we were to closely follow the examples of Paul and other godly people which the Lord brings across our path, what would we become to others around us?

We too would become an example or model to be followed. Ours would be a “Christ Honoring Fellowship” in which the Lord is truly glorified.


** What do you see in your life that already is a good example to follow?

Please remember that God is honored when you put Him on display by your exemplary behavior.


** Lord help us to discern the best path to follow which will leave a godly example for others to follow.

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