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2Thessalonians, Chapter Three, Lesson Two

V. 6 (cont’d.)

** Does that mean he has stopped caring about them and just wants to flex his apostolic muscle?

God forbid! “Now we command you, brethren...” By using this term of endearment, he maintains the caring mode; while at the same time interjects this most needful command for their own good! This was all part of the abiding and loving relationship he enjoyed with these dear believers in Thessalonica. cf. 1Thessalonians 2:8, 2Thessalonians 3:4, Hebrews 12:11

** According to our opening verse for today, from where does Paul draw his authority in making this

He commands them “in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ”. Still the humble servant himself, Paul reassures the Thessalonians that Christ is Lord of all. Himself, as well as the Thessalonians, were to heed the message of God’s command.

** What does it mean to say or do something “in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ”?

It means that whatever you are saying or doing is in full agreement with the expressed will of God through the Person of Jesus Christ. It means that our desires match His desires, for the glory of God!

** Alright then, what is the command that Paul lovingly makes to ensure that our fellowship is truly Christ honoring?

He tells them to “keep aloof from every brother”. What a strange command, if indeed it is to honor Christ by its impact upon our fellowship. “Keep aloof” translates stello, which literally means, “to arrange, prepare, gather up, hence to restrain.”

** Paul is saying that if we wish to enjoy a “Christ Honoring Fellowship” we are going to have to avoid or refrain from an intimate relationship with these so-called brothers. Why would he make such a command? What is wrong with their lifestyle?

Verse 11 from next week’s study gives us the three-fold answer. They are undisciplined, doing no work and acting like busybodies.

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