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2Thessalonians, Chapter Three, Lesson One



** Is it possible for me to be used by God, like Paul was, for the building up of the saints and for the advancement of the kingdom?

Absolutely - God has chosen each one of us and gifted each one of us for His express purpose and will. cf. 1Peter 4:10


** What am I going to have to be willing to do in order to become more like the apostle Paul and my Lord Jesus Christ?

Become more humble!

1) Be willing to identify with other Christians
2) Avoid false humility (shyness or low self-esteem)
3) Do not think to highly of myself. cf. Romans 12:3


** We need to ask the Lord to direct our hearts humbly into His love and steadfastness, causing us to stand firm in the power of His might while we strive to display “Christ Honoring Leadership” for His glory.

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