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2Thessalonians, Chapter Three, Lesson One


Christ Honoring Leadership


V. 1 ** Up to this point in his letter, what has been Paul’s main concern for his beloved Thessalonian brothers and sisters?

The spiritual stability of the saints living there in Thessalonica. He has been encouraging and strengthening them from the beginning of his letter.

For example:

Chapter 1
V.3 Give thanks to God for them
V.4 Speak proudly of them
V.5 Considered worthy of the kingdom
V.6-9 God’s justice in pouring out His judgment upon the wicked
V.10-12 Glorified with Christ
Chapter 2
V.1-2 Do not be shaken or disturbed
V.3-10 Teaching of end time events
V.11-12 God’s righteous judgment
V.13 God’s choosing them for salvation
V.14-15 Encouraging and strengthening them to stand firm and hold onto the truth
V.16-17 Praying for their comfort and strength while walking with the Lord

** Having observed Paul do all of that, one might conclude that the Thessalonians were helpless babes in the faith and that Paul was the spiritual giant; who had his own act so together, he did not need anyone’s help. To completely dispel that notion, what does Paul now do to elevate the view which the Thessalonians might have of themselves?

He says “Finally” or in conclusion to all that he has been saying, I need for you young believers there in Thessalonica to “pray for us”.

Paul does not exalt himself above his reader, because he is an apostle of Jesus Christ. Rather, he displays the one characteristic of “Christ Honoring Leadership”, which is true humility. Paul now humbly bears the need of his own heart and he depends upon the faithful prayers of these same Thessalonian saints.

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