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2Thessalonians, Chapter Two, Lesson Three



** Let’s list from today’s passage the individual ways in which Paul encouraged his readers to live each day while “Having Faith in the Truth”.

1. He gave thanks to God for them. (V.13)
2. He reminded them that they are beloved by the Lord. (V.13)
3. He reminded them that God had chosen them.(V.13)
4. He reminded them that God set them apart.(V.13)
5. He reminded them that he was personally involved in their lives (our gospel). (V.14)
6. He encouraged them to stand firm on the truth.(V.15)
7. He encouraged them to hold onto the truth.(V.15)
8. He prayed for them to be comforted and strengthened by God Himself. (V.17)


** While I am sure that the recipients of this letter were encouraged and strengthened to live each day “Having Faith in the Truth”, the more relevant question becomes; are we so encouraged and strengthened?

When we meet each week and learn more of God’s precious truth, we should also be strengthened to live everyday by “Having Faith in the Truth”. If we were to so live, we would find that our every “work and word” would produce glory for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ”.


** One way of strengthening our walk with the Lord, is to practice what we preach. However, in order to do that we must first be faithful to preach or proclaim God’s saving truth.

Looking back over the list of ways with which Paul had encouraged these Thessalonians, let’s commit to being available for God to use us to encourage others with these same truths; to the end result that we will stand firm while “Having Faith in the Truth

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