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2Thessalonians, Chapter Two, Lesson Two

REJECTING THE TRUTH            Page 4
V. 8 (cont’d.)

** According to verse 19 of this passage, how far will human depravity ultimately take the human race?

To the point of making “war against Him who sat upon the horse, and against His army.” Men so love their sin, and so hate the righteousness of God Almighty, that they will turn their weapons upon Christ when He comes to earth a second time for judgment.

V. 9 ** Back in verse nine in today’s passage, how does Paul further describe the antichrist?

He is demonically empowered, supernatural. He will have “all power and signs and false wonders”. cf. Matthew 24:24

V.10 ** What is the key element of these supernatural wonders?

They are being accomplished by “all the deception of wickedness...” These are not true miracles, performed by God to authenticate His revealed truth, but merely a shadow of truth, intended to mislead many.

** For whom are all of these false wonders being performed?

“...for those who perish...”

** We need to get a grasp on the big picture here, as to why these false wonders are allowed by God and why they are being performed specifically for “those who perish”. Let’s begin with why are these people going to perish?

“...because the did not receive the love of the truth...” That is another defining characteristic of a true Christian. We love God’s precious Word and desire to see it lived out within our daily walk with the Lord. cf. Psalm 119:16,47,97

** If they did have a “love of the truth”, what would be the outcome for their souls, according to verse ten?

“...so as to be saved.” Again, synonymous with the term Christian, anyone who truly loves God’s truth will be saved.

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