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2Thessalonians, Chapter Two, Lesson Two

REJECTING THE TRUTH            Page 2
V. 6 (cont’d.)

** For what purpose is he being detained?

“...so that in his time he may be revealed.” cf.V.3

** Who sets “his time” to be revealed?

Our gracious Heavenly Father sets the time for all events through His sovereign rule and will.
cf. John 7:6-8, Matthew 8:29, Mark 13:32-33 and Acts 1:6-7

V. 7 ** If “THE” antichrist is being detained, does that mean that lawlessness is idle or ineffective while we wait for him to be revealed?

No - the mystery of lawlessness is already at work!

** Why does Paul refer to it as a “mystery”?

Leon Morris - “Man can never, by his own reasoning, plumb the depths of iniquity, the reason for its existence, or the manner of its working.” Paul simply said that sin is utterly sinful!
cf. Romans 7:13

** Was this mystery at work in Paul’s day?

Yes as we have seen, Paul said that it was “already at work”, and it is working through the spirit of antichrist. cf. 1John 2:18, 4:3

** How about for us today - does this mystery of lawlessness still effect our society?

Yes - the system is hopelessly corrupt! Evil men are proceeding from bad to worse.
cf. 2Timothy 3:13

** According to verse seven, how long will the antichrist be restrained or detained?

Until “He” who restrains him is taken out of the way.

** That introduces us to a most interesting question. Who or what is it that is detaining the appearance of the antichrist?

The problem initially is that the restrainer is referred to as “What” in verse six and as “He” here in verse seven. There are two popular views of what Paul had in mind in this verse.
They are:

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