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2Thessalonians, Chapter One, Lesson Two


V. 6 ** Is that the only way that God's righteous judgment will be seen by men?

No - God is going to balance the scales! "...it is only just for God to repay..." Jesus knew this about His heavenly Father - read 1Peter 2:23
cf. Genesis 12:3, Exodus 23:22, Colossians 3:25, Romans 12:19

Our gracious God protects us, defends us and deals out "affliction" upon those who would choose to afflict us.

V. 7 ** Alright then, God shows His righteous judgment by allowing Christians to suffer for the truth and by repaying the wicked with affliction. How else does He put His righteous judgment on display?

He gives "relief to you who are afflicted..."

** We do enjoy that relief here and now, as we rest in the Lord, trusting Him only for the outcome of our lives; but when will we fully realize this relief?

"...when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed..."

** What three phrases does Paul use to describe the Lord being revealed?

"from heaven"
"with His mighty angels"
"in flaming fire"

** To what event is this referring?

The Second Coming of Christ in glory, not the first coming where He was gentle and mild.

V. 8 ** In these next two verses Paul describes for us how our relief will manifest itself. What is going to happen?

Christ is going to deal out "retribution" upon the unbelievers of this world. Our suffering is going to be vindicated by Christ Himself!

** How are they (the unbelievers) described?

1. They "do not know God" cf. Matthew 7:23
2. They "do not obey the gospel" cf. John 15:14

Jesus is going to judge them "righteously" for their sin of unbelief. cf. John 5:22-23

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