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2Thessalonians, Chapter One, Lesson One

ENLARGED FAITH            Page 5

V. 4 ** So Paul is saying that their faith and love for each other are growing, what did that cause him to do?

"therefore, we ourselves speak proudly of you among the churches of God..."

** Isn't it a sin to be prideful?

Only when it is used to commend ourselves and not to commend what the Lord has done in others. All see - 1Corinthians 1:26 and 2Corinthians 10:14-18 with Acts 15:3-4

** Now, back in 2Thessalonians 1:4, what were the two things about which Paul felt he could proudly speak unto the glory of God?

The "perseverance and faith" of the Thessalonians. When Paul used the word for perseverance (hupomone), he was speaking literally of a willingness to "remain behind" or a "patient enduring". God had produce this Christ honoring characteristic in the "Enlarged Faith" of the Thessalonians.

** If we were to observe a brother or sister demonstrating this kind of growing faith characteristic, what should we do according to the example set before us by Paul in this passage?

We should share it with other Christians to encourage their growth and maturity, while at the same time give glory to God.

** How do you suppose the Thessalonians felt upon reading this portion of Paul's letter?

In must have encouraged them tremendously, because of their great love and respect for Paul.
cf. 1Thessalonians 5:11 and 14 (Paul's passion to be encouraging to his fellow believer)

** Before we conclude our passage for today, let's take one more look at the perseverance and faith of the Thessalonians. Where did it all take place, was theirs a "piece-of-cake" walk with Christ?

Absolutely not! Their perseverance and faith were displayed "in the midst of all [their] persecutions and afflictions which [they] endured.

** How were they able to do that, in light of how young they were in the Lord?

Two things made it possible, both from the Lord.

1Corinthians 10:13 - God is faithful!
2Corinthians 12:9-10 - God's grace is sufficient!

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