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1Timothy, Chapter Three, Lesson One

ABOVE REPROACH            Page 7


** When God saves a vile, reprobate sinner and creates him new in Christ; how does the desire of his heart change when he becomes compelled to serve in the leadership of the church?

God gives him “a passionate compulsion” to serve in the capacity of spiritual leader. His new humble walk with God is manifest through the gift of his teaching and leadership skills.


** What are the Biblical responsibilities for men in the role of pastor, elder, bishop or overseer?

They rule over the flock - 1Timothy 5:17
They are to preach and teach - 1Timothy 5:17
They pray for the sick - James 5:14
They shepherd the flock - 1Peter 5:1-2
They must set a Godly example - 1Timothy 4:12
They establish church policy - Acts 15:22ff
They ordain other leaders - 1Timothy 4:14


** After looking at the first eleven qualifications for a pastor/elder in the church of God, how many of those qualifications ought to be made manifest in my own life?

All of them! I should be able to walk my way through all eleven character traits and adopt them into my own lifestyle by the grace of God so that I might live “Above Reproach”.


** If elders are to be examples to the flock (1Peter 5:3), what are we to do with that example?

We must follow the example of godliness set down by our leaders, so that we too might become an example for others to follow. cf. Philippians 2:14-15

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