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1Timothy, Chapter Three, Lesson One

ABOVE REPROACH            Page 6
V. 3 (Cont’d.)

** The next in Paul’s list is almost an addendum to “not being addicted to wine”, what is it?

8) Not pugnacious - God’s elder must react to situations calmly and gently. Not pugnacious translates me plektes which means “not a giver of blows” or “not a striker”. When a pastor or elder reacts with anger that could lead to striking someone, he must resign! There simply is no room for this emotional sin in the heart of a church leader.

** Qualification number nine follows close behind our last one in that it provides a needed contrast. How is it different from number eight?

9) Gentle (epieikes) describes a person who is considerate and gracious while easily pardoning human failure. This person has no thought of retaliation when wronged, but seeks to bless all who come into his circle of influence. cf. 1Peter 3:8-9

** As we near the end of our list for this evening we come to a very refreshing characteristic for any Christian to manifest. How is God’s man to be known by those around him?

10) He is to be uncontentious! What a wonderful concept. The Greek word amachos literally means “peaceful” or “reluctant to fight”. This is not referring to physical violence as much as it is speaking of a quarrelsome person in general. The man involved in leading the church of God is the “peaceful” servant who does not cause injury or disharmony to the body.

** Finally, what is our last characteristic in the list before us this evening?

11) Free from the love of money - The apostle will be instructing Timothy later in this same epistle that “godliness actually is a means of great gain, when accompanied by contentment”.
cf. 1Timothy 6:6

Paul was completely free from the love of money and worked to pay his own way throughout his ministry. He was well content with living in humble means, or prosperity; with being filled or going hungry; with having abundance and suffering need. In everything, he held lightly to the things of this world that he might be spent for the glory of Christ. cf. Philippians 4:12

The man who becomes consumed with possessions and the “love of money” is sinfully distracted by a love for this world and does not qualify to serve the Lord in this important role. cf. 1Timothy 6:10 and 1John 2:15-17

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