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1Timothy, Chapter Three, Lesson One

ABOVE REPROACH            Page 5
V. 2 (Cont’d.)

** As we continue in Paul’s list of current character qualifications, which one is next?

3) This man of God is to be prudent. Actually, this qualification proves to be the by product of its predecessor. When one’s life is characterized by being temperate, it will produce the quality of being prudent. This man is well-disciplined and knows how to correctly order his priorities. This leader for God is serious about spiritual things. He will lead others into the application of God’s word to their daily lives.

** What is fourth on our list?

4) Respectable - Kosmios carries the idea of being orderly in your lifestyle. The “respectable” elder leads a well disciplined life others can follow. As we will see next week, if he cannot order his own life, how will he be able to lead the church? cf. 1Timothy 3:5

** The next qualification is frequently misunderstood. This man of God is to be what?

5) Hospitable - This does not simply mean he has parties in his home. Philoxenos is a compound word meaning “to love strangers”. This man is available to all, both friend and stranger, to receive the love of Christ as an overflow of his heart.

** Qualification number six is a distinctive mark for an elder or pastor serving in Christ’s church. Do you see it?

6) The elder must be able to teach. The elder must be a highly skilled teacher, gifted by Christ to explain the Word of God to the flock. He works hard in his studies and proclamation of God’s truth and by his new nature is a “gifted teacher”. cf. 1Peter 4:10

V. 3 ** The next qualification set down by the apostle is perhaps the most obvious. How is God’s man for leadership to be different from the world?

7) He must not be addicted to wine. This is the first qualification given in the negative form. This man does not have the reputation of being a drinker, but rather is known for his Godly character and love for the word of God. cf. Psalm 1:1-3

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