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1Timothy, Chapter Two, Lesson Four

V.15 (cont’d.)

** God has so exalted women, so as to welcome them to learn His word, accept their role of submission when they join in the worship of Jesus Christ with all of the saints and to have their honor preserved by bearing and raising the next godly generation. What an amazing blessing! How does that last word in verse 15 describe the godly women’s effort in accepting her role in the church?

“self-restraint” - translates sophrosune, a word we learned last week from verse nine where it was translated as “discreetly”. You will remember that the word means “self-control” and here is used to remind the godly woman to do all she can to honor the Lord without being tempted by the view which is held by the world around her.


** What lesson are the men of the church to learn from Adam’s bad example, which we saw together in this study?

We must not violate our God-given role as leader, teacher, provider and protector of our wives. We must faithfully live the standard and lead our helpmates into a more Christ-like lifestyle each day!


** To what role has God graciously called the women of the church, within the corporate worship service?

The role of “learner” or “disciple” who quietly receives instruction from the Word of God.

** With which attitude does the godly woman fulfill this role?

Contentedness, she does not seek to take a man’s position; but receives her instruction in the Word “with entire submissiveness”.


** Male or female, where are you today in honoring the “Authority Prescribed” by God Himself within the church? Are you doing your part?


** Let’s commit our hearts to obeying God’s expressed Word and will, that our times of worship would be both in Spirit and in Truth for His glory.

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