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1Timothy, Chapter Two, Lesson Four

V.12 (cont'd.)

The word “allow” comes from epitrepo and is always used in the New Testament to speak of permitting someone to do what they desire to do. Paul’s choice of words may imply that some women in Ephesus desired to be the public preacher, and thus have authority over the congregation - as in today’s church.

V.13 ** So we have seen that the “Authority Prescribed” by God for the leading of His church in worship is made up of two components. First that men are to lead with “holy hands” and second, that women are to be content with the role of submissive learning. But why? How did all of this come about in the mind of God? In the next two verses, Paul will show us two divine explanations for this Biblical pattern of spiritual leadership. What is the first reason given by Paul?

1) The order of creation: “For it was Adam who was first created, and then Eve.” Paul is saying that the very order of creation exposes God’s intent for the role of authority. Man was created first and given a role of authority, while woman was created second and given a role of helper or supporter. All see - Genesis 2:7, 15-20, 1Corinthians 11:8-9

V.14 ** As we move into verse 14, we learn God’s second reason for this Biblical pattern of spiritual leadership, do you see it?

2) The effects of a woman usurping the headship role which has been given to men by God.

Paul is not saying that the fall of mankind is the reason women are to be submissive and “quiet” in church, but rather he demonstrates for us what happened when Eve chose to step out from under the protection and leadership of Adam which God had afforded her.

All see - Genesis 3:1-7

V. 1 - Did God tell Eve about not eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?

No - He had told Adam that back in Genesis 2:17. Adam in turn had fulfilled the role of spiritual leadership and instructed his wife regarding God’s command.

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