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1Timothy, Chapter Two, Lesson Four

V.11 (cont'd.)

** Women within the church are hereby protected from the cultural practice of exclusion and are welcomed into the assembly of worshippers. Their role being prescribed by God Himself as one of a “learner” or “disciple”, how are they to fulfill that role? What two parameters does Paul place upon how they are to learn God’s word?

1) quietly - hesuchia also appears at the end of verse 12 indicating that the learner’s role is accomplished while listening.

2) with entire submissiveness - hupotage (used by Paul for submissiveness) means “to line up under”. By adding “entire” to the call for submissiveness, Paul is emphasizing a complete subjection to God’s prescribed authority. The women who had been excluded from Jewish worship and Greek society, were now welcome within the church and were to be content with their role of listening and learning with a submissive heart.

V.12 ** This passage has proven to be one of the most controversial subjects within all of Scripture, both then and now. What Paul had just said in verse 11 could have been misunderstood, so he takes the time to explain exactly what he meant by women remaining quiet within the church service. Did he mean that a woman was not allowed to speak while at church?

Of course not! As noted earlier, this explanation is bracketed by the command for women to remain quiet. Paul is saying that relative to the authoritative role of a teacher, women are to remain quiet.

** Which two activities does the Spirit of God prohibit for women within the corporate worship time of the church?

1) teaching
2) exercising authority over a man

** When Paul said, “I do not allow”, was he just expressing a personal bias against women?

No - Remember this is an apostle of Jesus Christ speaking with the authority of God’s Word and delivering God’s prescription for authority and submission within the church.

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