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V.11 ** Now that Paul has both the men and women of the church “Adorned Properly”, to what role does he call the women who attend the corporate worship of Christ?

To the role of “learner” or “disciple”. While women are not to be the public teachers within the church setting, neither are they to be excluded from it. The verb used by Paul in verse 11 is an imperative form of manthano which means “to learn” or “to be informed”, from which the Greek word translated “disciple” or “learner” derives.

** This is not a request, but a command from the apostle. Why would Paul have to command that women be allowed to learn God’s word?

Because that was not the normal pattern of the day! Judaism in the first century did not hold women in high esteem. Though they did not prevent them from attending a synagogue, they did not encourage them to learn. In fact, most rabbis refused to teach women.

Similarly in the Greek society of that day, women were kept away from public events. Regarding this practice William Barclay writes, “The respectable Greek woman led a very confined life. She lived in her own quarters into which no one but her husband came. She did not even appear at meals. She never at any time appeared on the street alone; she never went to any public assembly.”

** Into this hostile Greek and Jewish culture Paul commands, “Let a woman quietly receive instruction”. Did Paul think that women were inferior to men?

No - He makes that crystal clear in his letter to the Galatians. All see - Galatians 3:26-29

** That passage addresses the equality of all believers, but does it eradicate the uniqueness of the believer or of their role to which they have been called?

No - Even though all Christians are equal in the sight of their Savior and God, they still have a unique function within the body of Christ. Although equal, there will always be a difference in the role of the Jew and Gentile, the slave and his master, a child and their parent, a citizen and their governing authority, and a man and a women.

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