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1Timothy, Chapter Two, Lesson Three

ADORNED PROPERLY            Page 6


** What two things will be missing from their walk with the Lord and corporate worship of His name?

“...without wrath and dissension.”

** How about for godly women, what two attitudes will govern how they adorn themselves?

modestly and discreetly” - With a godly fear, they maintain a Christ honoring self-control.

** For these women to be “Adorned Properly”, what kind of clothing or appearance will they avoid.

Anything that could be considered a gaudy display or that would draw attention away from their Lord.

** What is the preoccupation for any woman who makes a “claim to godliness”. How will they be “Adorned Properly”?

They will adorn themselves with genuinely good works for the glory of God.


** While our roles are different by God’s design, can men and women learn something from each others call to worship in spirit and truth?

Absolutely - Men, too, must avoid drawing attention to themselves and should produce the “good works” which validate their claim to faith. And, women should always avoid wrath and dissension while pursing holiness in their walk with the Lord.


** If we wish to be useful to our Master in the battle for His truth, we need to understand the fundamental principals we have seen tonight. Men and women alike, must be serious in their answer to God’s call to fulfill our ministry for His glory’s sake and to do so while being “Adorned Properly”. cf. Colossians 4:17

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