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1Timothy, Chapter Two, Lesson Three

ADORNED PROPERLY            Page 5
V.10 (cont’d.)

** Instead of focusing too much attention on their hair, makeup or clothing, women are to put their
righteousness on display through good works. Which women will do this according to Paul?

Only those who make “a claim to godliness”. Only those women who worship in spirit and truth will even desire to do this for the glory of Christ and God.

** Why are good works so important in the validation of someone’s claim to godliness?

It is only through Christ generated good works that the Christian can bring glory to God. Simply claiming a heart that wants to worship God, without the life that matches is an empty and useless claim. All see - James 2:14-20

** Now back in our passage, let’s look closer at this godly woman’s good works. Is this simply a display of superficial gestures to win the approval of others?

No - “good works” translates agathon (for good), which means that the works themselves are genuinely good. These good works must mark the Christian women, who by virtue of her profession of love for Jesus Christ, will make a public profession of godliness in their daily lives. cf. Matthew 7:15-20, 12:33-35

** Finally, what does it mean that these women are “making a claim to godliness”?

Godliness translates theosebeia, which refers to reverence to God. To affirm that you are a Christian is to claim to love, worship, honor, and fear the Lord. A woman (or a man) cannot claim to fear God and yet disregard what His word says about their behavior. Each must wholeheartedly accept God’s design for their role in the church and lovingly fulfill it for the glory of God.


** To ensure that they are fulfilling their God-given role of leading the church in evangelistic prayer, how are men to adorn themselves?

They are to lift up “holy hands” in prayer. Their lives are to be lived out in holiness for Christ’s sake. Remember - James 5:16

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