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1Timothy, Chapter Two, Lesson Three

ADORNED PROPERLY            Page 4
V. 9 (cont’d.)

** Paul will go on to give us both a negative and then a positive example of what it means to be “Adorned Properly”. Let's first look at the negative example. What are women to avoid in adorning themselves for worship?

“...not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly garments...”

** Is Paul saying that a woman is not to enter the corporate worship time with braided hair?

No - The term he uses can generally mean “hair styles”. Paul is not intending to forbid certain
kinds of hairdos, he is simply confronting any gaudy, ostentatious hairdo that would distract attention from the Lord and the holy purpose of worship.

** How would gold or pearls play into that concern?

The common practice of Paul’s day would be for womento wear their wealth in their hair (by braiding it throughout the hairdo) and thus put themselves on display. cf. 1Peter 3:3-4

** What is another way women could draw attention to themselves in Paul’s day?

By putting on “costly garments”. The costly dress worn by wealthy women in Paul’s day could cost as much as 7,000 denarii (19 years of salary for the common man).

** To avoid such gaudy displays, we need to look closer at the two attitudes behind the godly woman’s adornment.

modestly - comes from aidos and refers to modesty mixed with humility. It carries the idea of Godly fear, of not wanting to feel shame or guilt because she distracted someone from worshipping God.

discreetly - translates sophrosunes which means “self-control”, especially over sexual passion. Here again the godly woman is to exercise control so that neither her passion nor anyone else’s are excited. cf. Matthew 18:5-6, Romans 14:20-21, 1Corinthians 8:13

V.10 ** That covers the negative example, what is the positive example given to us by Paul of a woman who is “Adorned Properly”?

She is adorned “by means of good works”.

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