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1Timothy, Chapter Two, Lesson Three

ADORNED PROPERLY            Page 2

Read passage (V.8-10)

Opening Prayer

Adorned Properly


V. 8 ** How do we know that Paul is about to make a summary statement based upon a previous instruction?

By beginning his thought with “Therefore”, Paul is saying “I want” you to live this way “because” of what has just been said.

** When Paul says, “I want”, is he merely expressing a passing desire which he hopes the church will adopt?

No - Paul’s use of the word “want” comes from the word boulomai, and could be translated “I command,” or “I purpose”. He is very serious about the nature of this command and that those who pray for the lost when the church gathers for worship should be “Adorned Properly”.

** To whom is this command being given? Who is to take upon themselves this serious call for evangelistic
prayer within the service of the church?

The “men” of the church! "Men" comes from aner, and means men as opposed to women; male as opposed to female. The men are the leaders when the church meets for corporate worship and as such, they are to be the ones who lead the corporate prayer life. (This will be explained in greater detail in our study together next week of verses 11-15).

** How do we know that Paul was referring to prayer within the church?

Three reasons:

First - His original statement to Timothy to “remain on at Ephesus, in order that you may instruct certain men not to teach strange doctrines...” Timothy was not being instructed to set the city of Ephesus in order, but to set the church at Ephesus in order. cf. Acts 20:28-30

Second - The structure of the entire letter is the form and function of the church, not that of our individual life in the world around us.

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