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1Timothy, Chapter Two, Lesson Two

APPOINTED PREACHER            Page 6
V. 7 (cont’d.)

** Why do you suppose Paul linked faith with truth and vice versa?

Faith in just any form of religion or philosophy of men will only lead to destruction.

Truth, without faith, will only condemn men to eternal judgment.

Salvation comes about when a fallen sinner places his faith in Jesus Christ who brought us grace and truth. cf. John 1:17


** What was Paul’s message in the opening of our passage for today, that boldly confronted the demonic doctrine and false teachers of his day?

“For there is one God, and one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.”


** What two roles did we see the apostle Paul faithfully fulfill in this passage?

The fact that he was an “Appointed Preacher” and an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ.


** Can we identify with those appointments and even follow in Paul’s footsteps as we walk with the Lord each day?

Absolutely - We are to herald the saving gospel of Christ as He sends us to “all men” living in darkness. We need to tell them that Christ alone is the mediator who can reconcile them to the one and only true God.


** Are you willing to answer the call, to recognize your appointment to proclaim God’s saving truth? Let’s ask Him now to awaken our hearts to the pressing need of salvation shared by the lost world around us.

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