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1Timothy, Chapter Two, Lesson Two

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Opening Prayer

Appointed Preacher


V. 5 ** The apostle Paul knew that the church in Ephesus was under attack by demonic doctrine and by the false teachers who would propagate Satan’s lie. Having just urged us to pray for the souls of all men, Paul now states one of the most fundamental teachings of Scripture; which itself attacks the core of all false religion. What emphatic statement does Paul make?

“For there is one God...” The common teaching of man made religion in Paul’s day, and in our day as well, is that there are many gods from which we can choose as objects of our worship. cf. 1Chronicles 16:26, Psalm 86:6-10, Isaiah 37:20, Acts 17:22-23

** Why do “all men”, for which we are offering “Acceptable Prayer” to God, need to know that there is only one God?

Because men think that they can solve their eternal problems on their own, even if it means that they make up their idols or develop a false religious system to justify themselves.
cf. Proverbs 14:12

** Besides our needing one true God for salvation, what else does Paul say we need?

“...and one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.”

** What does a mediator do?

mesites (mediator) refers to one who intervenes between two individuals to restore peace, or ratify a covenant.

** Who is the only man fully qualified to mediate between man and God?

The God-man “Christ Jesus”. As the perfect man and God incarnate, He alone can bring God and man together. No other person in the history of mankind could do what Christ does, His is the only name by which we can be saved. cf. Hebrews 8:6, 9:15 and Acts 4:12

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