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1Timothy, Chapter One, Lesson Four



** What were the five forms of Satan’s attack upon the church, the body of Christ?

1) Satan attacks the church by blinding the minds of unbelievers to the gospel.
2) Satan attempts to devastate those who are already saved by trying to destroy their faith and trust in God.
3) Satan attacks the church by attacking marriage and the family.
4) Satan attacks the church through her leaders.
5) Satan attacks the church through false religious systems.


** What were the three components of Paul’s command to Timothy which are designed to prepare us for making a “Conscientious Effort” in representing and defending the truth?

“...fight the good fight...” It is warfare!
“...keeping faith...” Guarding the truth!
“...and a good conscience...” Living in obedience!


** Timothy had a huge job before him and history vindicates this man of god. Legend has it that Timothy continued to minister to the congregation in Ephesus and was martyred under the Roman emperor Domitian (81-96) or possibly Nerva (96-98) (Unger's Bible Dictionary, 1964, p. 1100). How about us, will history report that we made a “Conscientious Effort” to live in obedience to God’s truth and to defend it against the attack of false teachers?

Hopefully we are taking this seriously. We need to correct error and faithfully represent the truth of the gospel to all that the Lord brings across our path.


** Would you take a moment now and in the silence of your own heart, ask the Lord to prepare you for making a “Conscientious Effort” for the sake of His glory.

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