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1Timothy, Chapter One, Lesson Two



** What environment in our passage for today did Paul portray before us as our mission field, in which we are to be ready to share God’s glorious gospel?

The “Corrupt Environment” of this fallen world.

** Do we need to clean up the lives of men, before they can become saved?

Absolutely not - It is those sinners living within our world’s “Corrupt Environment” that the gospel of Christ is designed to reach. We simply must be faithful to proclaim His truth and then ask the Lord to grant them repentance leading to the knowledge of the truth.
cf. 2Timothy 2:24-25


** What were the three distinct signs of a false teacher?

1) “wanting to be teachers of the Law”

2) “they do not understand” Scripture

3) They do not use God’s word “lawfully”, rather they leave lost sinners in the grasp of the “Corrupt Environment” by failing to share God’s truth accurately.


** How can knowing about the “Corrupt Environment” around us better equip you for sharing the saving truth of the gospel?

Since we know what the challenge is before us, we are to be better prepared with our knowledge of the truth!


** As stewards of God’s saving truth, let’s ask the Lord to help us to be faithful in our sharing of His gospel. cf. 1Corinthians 4:1-2

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