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1Timothy, Chapter One, Lesson Two

V. 8 (cont’d.)

** As a footnote, there is a subtle difference in Paul’s language between verse eight and nine in the use
of the word Law. What do you suppose that means?

In verse eight (and verse seven) Paul’s focus is upon “the” Law of God given through Moses or what Jews would know as the Mosaic Law. In verse nine Paul is referring to “law” in general, which could still include the Mosaic Law but does not have to in order for Paul to make his point.

V. 9 ** What general principle does Paul offer as fact for Timothy to consider?

“...law is not made for a righteous man...”

** If all of mankind were righteous and free from sin, would there be any need for law?

No - We would by nature live out the thoughts, words and actions which most honor our loving and gracious Creator.

** Is that the environment mankind now lives in here on earth, free from sin and righteous all together?

No, again - Since the fall of man through the sin of Adam, we all exist in a “Corrupt Environment” and are by nature, sinners at war with God.
cf. Romans 5:12, Psalm 14:1-3, Romans 5:10, Romans 8:19-22

** Then let’s take a close look together at this “Corrupt Environment” in which the glorious gospel of God can bring Him the glory due His name. For whom has the Law of God been provided?

The answer comes first in three groupings or pairs:

1) lawless and rebellious - cf. Titus 2:14
2) ungodly and sinners - cf. Jude 1:14-15
3) unholy and profane - cf. 2Timothy 3:1-5

** This is the “Corrupt Environment” in which we are to share the gospel of God’s saving truth in Christ. As bad as these general categories of sin are, it does get worse. To what specific sins does Paul now refer as he continues to build his list of those people for whom the Law of God was given?

“...for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers...”
cf. Proverbs 19:26, Revelation 21:8

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