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1Timothy, Chapter One, Lesson One

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V. 2 (cont’d.)

** How did Paul feel about this young believer?

He was his “true child in the faith”, Paul had given birth spiritually to Timothy and thus he had become Paul’s teknon (child) or offspring. He was dear to the heart of Paul and the apostle knew he could trust his valuable instruction to such a godly man. cf. 1Timothy 6:11

** What three blessings or graces from God does Paul offer to the heart of this young spiritual leader?

Grace, mercy and peace - Timothy was about to deal with a very difficult situation there in Ephesus, and was going to need all three blessings from God if he hoped to be successful.

** Since God alone is the author of these blessings, what is the significance behind Paul linking Jesus Christ to the Father and calling the Son, Lord?

Paul was committed to the deity of Jesus Christ and would frequently point that out when writing to churches or even to his own spiritual children. The church at Ephesus was being attacked with heresy, which in part rejected the deity of Christ.

V. 3 ** As he was getting ready to leave for Macedonia, what is it that Paul wanted Timothy to do for him?

To “remain on at Ephesus”.

** Was this a command from the apostle to Timothy?

No - He “urged” him to stay. Parakaleo can be translated as “to beg”, “beseech”, “entreat” or “implore”. Paul is pleading with Timothy to stay and be used by God for the purpose of “Correcting Error” there in Ephesus.

** Why would Paul have to convince Timothy to stay and fight the battle for the truth?

Three possible reasons:

1) Timothy may have been “timid”. cf. 2Timothy 1:6-7

2) He may have been intimidated by those who looked down on him because of his youth. cf. 1Timothy 4:12

3) He might have become frightened by the pressure of persecution.
cf. 2Timothy 1:8, 3:12

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