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1Timothy, Chapter One, Lesson One

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As this marvelous epistle unfolds before us, we are privileged to look over the shoulder of the apostle Paul and to glean from his writings the very truths which he will share with Timothy which are designed to equip the young pastor for his role of “Correcting Error“ in the Ephesian church.

Read passage (V.1-5)

Opening Prayer

Correcting Error


** To help us embrace all that Paul has to say to Timothy and to help us identify with the crisis at hand, let’s spend a little time developing a fundamental understanding of this epistle. At what point in the life of
Paul do we find the apostle as he pens this epistle?

After his release from his first Roman imprisonment. cf. Acts 28:16, 30-31

Around 62-64 A.D. Paul revisited some of the key churches in which he had ministered, including Ephesus. He then went on to Macedonia, including Philippi, from which he authored this letter and his letter to Titus.

We are now 30 years after Pentecost and 15 years after Acts 16:1-3 where Paul meets Timothy and takes him along on his second missionary journey.

Paul would be rearrested with the outbreak of Nero’s persecution and write his final letter (2Timothy) from his second Roman imprisonment just prior to his execution in late 66 A.D. or early 67 A.D.

** Because of its highly personal nature, Paul’s letter carries with it some extremely important instructions
to Timothy. Instructions which prove to be very helpful for us today in our battle against sin and Satan. What were some of Paul’s main issues when writing this letter to his “true child in the faith”?

He instructed him regarding:

False Doctrine
Specific functions within the Church
False Teachers
Timothy’s Pastoral Responsibilities
Standards for the man of God

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