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1Thessalonians, Chapter Five, Lesson Four



** Take a moment a review that list right now. Is there an area of your life to which this study in God's precious word has addressed?


** If so, how can you most effectively remember to apply what the Spirit of Christ has taught you?

Let me suggest three possibilities:

1) Share your convictions with someone soon and ask them to hold you accountable to what you know to be "good".

2) Write it down on a card or paper and place it prominently in your daily path.

3) Put it on your prayer list and ask God to help you each day with the strength you will need to obey Him by His grace.


** To close out our study of 1Thessalonians, I would like to ask you to offer a word of prayer.
We should be thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ for "God's Gift of Sanctification" and the best way to express that gratitude is to commit our hearts to obeying His word.

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