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1Thessalonians, Chapter Five, Lesson Four


V.26 ** While that last exhortation would have us love our leaders and pray for them, what does the next one say about how we treat each other?

19) "Greet all the brethren with a holy kiss" - Paul is describing the Biblically sound practice of greeting one another in the love of Christ. The common practice of the day is hereby improved upon and sanctified with the addition of the word holy.

This is talking about genuine love, expressed in an honest and sincere form - common to the everyday practice within the culture.

cf. Romans 16:16, 1Corinthians 16:20, 2Corinthians 13:12
Acts 20:36-38 (Paul and the Ephesian Elders)
Matthew 26:48-49 (Judas - by negative contrast)

V.27 ** The last of these twenty exhortations comes here for us in verse 27, how important do you think it is from Paul's perspective?

Paul says, "I adjure you..." enorkizo lit. "to charge, bind or command earnestly and solemnly!"

** Alright then, its important. What is our last exhortation?

20) "...have this letter read to all the brethren."

** How many people are to know the word of God according to that command?

"...all the brethren." If you are a Christian, you are to study the word of God!

V.28 ** Having given them so much to learn and apply to their life, what does Paul know that they are going to need if they hope to bring glory to God?

They (and we) are going to need His grace! Paul knew that God's grace was sufficient and would help them live out their lives for His glory sake! cf. 2Corinthians 12:9


** Like last week, let's review the eight exhortations we have learned and see how God's word has impacted our hearts.

13) do not quench the Spirit
14) do not despise prophetic utterances
15) examine everything carefully
16) hold fast to that which is good
17) abstain from every form of evil
18) pray for us (spiritual leaders)
19) greet all the brethren with a holy kiss
20) have this letter read to all the brethren

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