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1Thessalonians, Chapter Five, Lesson Three

GOD'S GIFT OF EXCELLENCE            Page 5
V.17 (cont'd.)

** Is Paul suggesting that we never leave a "kneeling" position, with our eyes closed?

No - He is referring to a constant awareness of the believer for their Lord and Master, Jesus Christ. We should take every event and issue to our Lord, so that His Spirit might guide us throughout each day of our life. cf. Ephesians 6:18-20

V.18 ** If we are faithful in applying the first eleven of Paul's exhortations, then this twelfth one will become easy to do. What is it?

12) "...in everything give thanks..." Even when the life of a believer becomes very difficult, our gracious God is deserving of our thanksgiving. cf. Job 1:20-22 and Job 2:7-10

** These last three commands to rejoice, pray and give thanks would not be so difficult if they weren't so demanding in the area of consistency. What motivation does Paul give to us to inspire us to fulfill these commands?

"...for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus"

Because of our great love for the Lord, these three become easier as we joyfully desire to fulfill His expressed will in our lives. cf. John 4:34

** Before we conclude our study for today, we must make note of the fact that Paul felt comfortable
challenging these Thessalonian believers with twelve rapid-fire exhortations. What does that say about the
nature of their walk with the Lord.

These are truly submissive, Christ honoring saints who wish to glorify God by being immediately obedient to His written word. cf. Luke 11:28


** How has the Lord touched your heart today? Which of these twelve exhortations did He use to prompt you to live your life using "God's Gift of Excellence"?

Let's review the list:

1) appreciate 2) esteem 3) live in peace 4) admonish the unruly 5) encourage the faint 6) help the weak 7) patient with all 8) don't repay evil with evil
9) seek good for all men 10) rejoice 11) pray 12) give thanks to God!

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