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1Thessalonians, Chapter Five, Lesson Two


V. 9 ** Moving on to verse nine, what two things do we learn about the destiny of a Christian?

1) We are not destined for wrath! Praise the Lord!
cf. 1Thessalonians 1:10 - "...Jesus, who delivers us from the wrath to come."

2) We are destined to obtain salvation!
cf. 2Thessalonians 2:13 - "...God has chosen you from the beginning for salvation..."
cf. Both of those realities with 1Peter 1:3-5

** How do we get this salvation according to Paul?

"...through our Lord Jesus Christ"! cf. Acts 4:12

V.10 ** How did our Lord Jesus Christ accomplish this wonderful salvation, according to verse ten?

He "died for us"!

cf. Romans 3:23 - "...all have sinned..."
Romans 5:8 - "...Christ died for us..."
Romans 6:23 - "...the free gift of God..."

** Realizing that the apostle has shifted his attention to those who are redeemed by the blood of Christ, what does he have in mind when he says, "whether we are awake or asleep..."?

Paul has gone back to his reasoning which he used in 1Thessalonians 4:15-17, where he was describing the rapture of Christ's church. He is saying whether you are alive or dead, you will share the same destiny.

** What is that destiny according to the end of verse ten?

We will all "live together with Him". What wonderful news for the aching heart!

V.11 ** As he did in chapter four, verse 18, what does Paul now say we should do with this wonderful knowledge?

"Therefore" - since this is going to take place, "encourage one another". God has given us the gift of encouragement, which is administered through the lives of Christians as they share His truth with one another.

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