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1Thessalonians, Chapter Five, Lesson Two

V. 8 (cont'd.)

** For the Christian, what are the two components of their breastplate?

Faith and Love!

** Since we are not of the realm of darkness, from where does our faith and love come?

Faith - "in Christ" cf. 1Timothy 3:13 and 2Timothy 3:15

Love - "of God" cf. Romans 5:5 and 1John 4:19

** Alright then, given that description of our breastplate, what is the only way it will protect us?

If we use it! It must be an active and aggressive part of our daily life! Paul says, "having put on the breastplate". It does us no good to walk out of our homes without our armor on.

The commentator William Hendriksen said, "The best defense is a good offense, the most positive protection is an attack". cf. 2Peter 1:3, 3:1 with James 4:7-8

** Still here in verse eight, what is the second piece of armor that Paul mentioned?

The helmet - made up of our "hope of salvation".

** What was a helmet designed to protect?

Obviously, the head.

** And what did that contain?

The mind - that with which we are to be alert!

** We can actually protect our thinking process with this wonderful piece of armor. What is it about this piece that makes it so effective?

It is the "hope" of salvation. Our hope is not based upon wishful thinking, but upon the firm reality of God's precious word. Hope does not disappoint!
cf. Romans 9:33 and Hebrews 6:17-20

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