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1Thessalonians, Chapter Five, Lesson Two

V. 7 (cont'd.)

** To what do you think Paul is referring by using the term "night" in this verse?

He is speaking of the realm of darkness which envelopes the unsaved world around us.

cf.Rom.13:12-14 - "lay aside the deeds of darkness"
John 8:12 - "I am the light of the world"
John 3:17-21 - "men loved the darkness"

** From what Jesus just said in John 3:20, how would you explain why men live their sinful, unprepared lives in the realm of darkness?

If they were to bring those unrepentant lifestyles to the light of God's saving truth in Christ, they would expose their evil hearts and they do not want to do that - even before their own eyes! cf.Romans 1:32

V. 8 ** How does the opening of verse eight imply that Christians are to be different from those who sin in darkness?

Paul begins with the word "but" - indicating that we are to be different from what he has just described.

** So, are we to dwell in this "realm of darkness" like the unsaved individuals around us?

Absolutely not! "...we are of the day..." cf. V.5

** Paul now goes on to repeat his exhortation to be sober (nepho - to be self-controlled), but what advise does he add to that important command?

Put on the:

1) Breastplate of faith and love
2) The helmet, which is the hope of salvation

** What word picture did Paul provide for his reader by using the term "breastplate"? What would have come to their minds?

A Roman soldier would wear this piece of armor that was designed to cover the vital organs of the body from the mid thigh to the neck. They knew that it was an extremely important piece and could protect the life of its wearer.

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