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1Thessalonians, Chapter Five, Lesson One

GOD'S GIFT OF SOBRIETY            Page 4

V. 4 ** The individuals within Israel who made this covenant with Satan are in total darkness - they do not have a clue about what God is going to do in His judgement of sin. Is that also true about the brethren?

No - You are not in darkness!

** Will we be caught off guard by this "thief"?

No - by the grace of God we understand that His judgement is coming upon mankind, but we also know that He has delivered us from that judgement! cf. John 3:18, 5:24

V. 5 ** Why is that, how does Paul describe us?

We are "all sons of light and sons of day".

** Were we ever of the darkness?

Absolutely! cf. Ephesians 5:8

** What have we become through our faith in Christ?

We have become His light to the world! cf. Matthew 5:14-16

** How do you know that Paul is serious about our proper understanding, relative to which side of the battle we belong?

After stating the positive, he repeats the idea from the negative! "We are not of night nor of darkness". Paul wants our thinking to be clear and truly different than that of the world around us.

V. 6 ** Since we are very different from the world (like night and day) what does Paul want us to avoid?

He wants us to not sleep as others do!

** What does that mean?

From the context, sleepers are not prepared!

Luke 12:45-46 - The lazy servant.
Matthew 25:3, 11-13 - The unprepared virgins.

** If we are not to be of the darkness, not to be lazy or unprepared - what does Paul want us to be?

"...let us be alert and sober".

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