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1Thessalonians, Chapter Four, Lesson Three

V.15-17 (cont'd.)

The Second Coming

cf. Matthew 13:37-42 - Angels will gather out sinners
Matthew 13:47-50 - Angels take out the wicked
Matthew 24:37-42 - "one left standing" to enter the Millennial Kingdom.

At the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, God will remove all of the "stumbling blocks", leaving only those who had become believers during the Tribulation to enter into His Millennial Kingdom.

Let's look together at the Book of Revelation, to help us better understand the eschatology regarding these two events.

Chapters 1-3 Address the Church Age
Chapters 4-19 Describe the Tribulation
Chapter 20 Is the Millennial Kingdom
Chapters 21-22 Introduce Eternity Future

** According to chapter one, verse three, what is the potential impact of this book?

It is a blessing, if you read, hear and heed the truth that it contains. cf. Luke 11:28

** Found in verse four, to whom is this letter written?

Seven real churches in Asia, which stand for all time as examples of churches everywhere.

** In chapter three, verse seven, Jesus writes through the pen of the apostle John to the church at Philadelphia. This is the only church not given a warning, they were a truly faithful group of believers. What does Christ say to them regarding the Tribulation in verse ten?

"...I also will keep you from the hour of testing, that hour which is about to come upon the whole world..." cf. John 17:15 (tereo ek)

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