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1Thessalonians, Chapter Four, Lesson Three

MOTIVATE (cont'd.)

** What are we to do with this information?

Let's read our passage and find the joyful answer to that very important question.

Read passage (V.13-15) (V.16-18)

Opening Prayer

Comforting Behavior


V.13 ** Remembering what we learned from our last study in verse eleven, what were some of the behavioral problems which were being experienced by some of the Thessalonians?

Some of them were:

1. "unbalanced" - not leading a quiet life.
2. busybodies.
3. lazy and not working.

** What was at the core of their disobedience?

Their misunderstanding of eschatology! They did not understand end time events, so there lives became disfunctional!

** Here in verse 13, does Paul want them to remain confused or ignorant of the facts?

No - "...we do not want you to be uninformed..."

** What was one of the specific areas of confusion for the Christians in Thessalonica?

"...about those who are asleep..." They did not know what happened to those Christians who had "fallen asleep" prior to the Lord's return.

** What does Paul mean by "fallen asleep"?

He is referring to those Christians who had died.
cf. 1Corinthians 11:30, All see - John 11:5-7, 11-14

** What was the emotional response of the Thessalonians to the reality that some of them had died?

They were "grieving"!

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