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1Thessalonians, Chapter Four, Lesson Two

PROPER BEHAVIOR           Page 6
DELINEATE (cont'd.)

** What were the three practical manifestations for a Christian's love toward his brother or sister?

1. Lead a quiet life.(Balanced, without fanaticism) 2. Attend to your own business.
3. Work with your hands.


** If we were to so live, what kind of behavior would we be showing toward the unsaved world around us?

"Proper Behavior" - This is simply what is right. What God expects of us, for His glory sake.


** Paul has given us some very practical instruction on how we are to live and on how our behavior can have a positive impact upon the lost. Let's ask the Lord to help us show the impact of His word on our daily lives by demonstrating its life changing power to the unsaved individuals around us through our "Proper Behavior".

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